Sorry It’s Been So Long…

I realized today that it was December 1st the last time I posted anything on my blog!! Sorry!! Life has been crazy busy!! This will get you caught up:

December: Tom and I went to Playa del Carmen for five days and had an amazing time. AMAZING. Nothing went wrong, the hotel was awesome, food was great, and we had an absolute blast. After Mexico, we stayed in St Louis and had our Radil Family Christmas (my mom’s side). It was a blast! There were about 60 of us there…almost all of us.

January: Tom and I took a trip to Crocker, MO to visit some of his family before his deployment. It was a nice, relaxing weekend…yet odd. Like the big elephant was in the room (him leaving) but nobody really wanted to face it. Towards the end of January, we had a going away party for Tom….it was a lot of fun….what we can remember of it. LOL

That about brings us current…Yesterday morning, Tom, my friend Amy, and I drove to Topeka to drop him off for his pre-mobilization training. He will be travelling to Salina for the month, then back home for a few days, then off to Africa for a year. I am so thankful that Amy went with us so that I didn’t have to drive home by myself. That would have been miserable. Instead, she kept my mind off the current situation for a while. Tom and I decided to just take all this one day at a time…right now, we are just concentrating on this month since he will get to come home for a few days before going to Africa. It’s only a month….It’s only a month….It’s only a month.

I friend of mine introduced me to the world of Xyngular. OMG….this stuff is amazing!!! Please, check out the website:   You will not regret it!!  The Xyng Pills are incredible. They give me pure energy, no jitters, no hot flashes, no racing heart….just energy. They have several products….all of which I have tried…and there isn’t one that I wouldn’t recommend. I did the Ignite System to jump start my weight loss and lost 9 pounds and 7 inches in 8 days!! This is real, people!! This stuff is all natural and money back guarantee!!!   Check it out!!!! I can’t wait to post my before and after pictures for all to see!

I guess that’s enough for now. My goal is to post something at least twice a week. I know you all miss me when I am gone. 🙂