Three Weeks Post Op

Well, yesterday was three weeks since my gastric bypass surgery…and I got to spend it at work and then Urgent Care to get rehydrated! Let’s go back a few weeks….

My surgery was 9/6/17 and everything went great. Dad got here a few days before and he helped me tie up a few loose ends before the big day. We also had some time to hang out on my balcony, have a few beers, and watch some baseball. Monday night, we went out for my last meal – sushi. Of course, I didn’t have much of an appetite…but I managed to get my share. I order delivery from the place we went, but had never been to the restaurant. This is what I have been missing:

IMG_8116It was amazing as always and the presentation was so cool! I am not sure I will get delivery anymore…it’s worth the trip to the restaurant!

Fast forward to Wednesday….the day of surgery! I don’t feel like I was nervous – more like restless. I didn’t have to be at the hospital until 11:30, so all morning, I just felt like I was waiting for paint to dry. I couldn’t have food or water past 6am, so it’s not like I could do much anyway. Eventually, we left for the hospital. We got there, I was admitted, and stuff started happening! Woo-Hoo! The nurses all made comments about how excited I was and how my positive attitude was going to play a huge role in my recovery. Of course, they all loved Dad and I got some killer yellow socks!


I obviously don’t remember anything from surgery, but I was told that it all went really well. My first clear memory doesn’t really start until I started vomiting. Oh boy….it was terrible. I was vomiting blood and dry heaving for several hours. With that came hot flashes and I even peed the bed a few times because I was straining so hard to try to get whatever was upsetting me out! I was hot, but not running a fever. I swear it was 150 degrees in that damn room…lol. My nurse brought me an ice pack for the back of my neck and ice for me to chew on if I was feeling up to it. I didn’t know how amazing ice could taste! I think around 5am, things started to settle down and I was able to rest a little. I was absolutely miserable, but I don’t remember ever thinking ‘What have I done?’ Now, I don’t remember much from the night, but I did apologize to my nurse and tech the next morning before they left because I know there were moments that I wasn’t kind to them! They both laughed and told me I was not a problem and I wasn’t mean to them. They were great and I made sure to acknowledge all of my nurses and techs…they all were great to me.

Thursday went well. I rarely used my pain pump and my nurse kept dangling it in front of me telling me it’s ok to use. I just laughed and told her that I don’t want to use it if I don’t need it. I think being depended on Morphine just prolongs your recovery and I didn’t want anything to do with that. Dr Chae came in and checked me in the morning (I think it was morning). He advised I had a reaction to the anesthesia and that’s why I had a terrible night. He said everything was good and that I would probably be released Thursday. Dad and I spent a lot of the day walking the halls of my unit – they encourage that – and I napped a bit too. Dr Chae came back around 8pm and released me. So, we stopped at Target to get my scripts and headed home. I don’t remember much after Target. LOL

The next morning, I had Dad run me up to work so that I could get my info binder that desperately needed to organized. Of course, everyone at work thought I was nuts, but I wanted to get out while I had a little energy. I didn’t do much the next few days. We did get out at least once a day to walk – went to the mall, Walmart, pet store…just out and about, really. I tired easily, but made sure I was still moving as much as I could. Sleeping was a little rough because I still had a drain in…getting comfortable wan’t in the cards. But, I got through it! A lot of the week after surgery is a bur. Dad was an enormous help around here. I couldn’t have done this without him, that’s for sure. And Mom was kept in the loop, too. There wasn’t really a reason for both of them to come out…so she stayed home and was a busy bee between the new house and their current house.

Dad left on the 13th. It was a little weird driving again, but I was fine. I was supposed to go back to work the following day, but that evening all my incisions developed a rash around them that itched like crazy! I called the surgeon’s office the next morning and they wanted me to wait until they saw me Thursday before going back to work just in case there was an infection or anything. Ok, fine. 😒 I went in for my follow-up on Thursday and they were all really impressed with how well I was doing. Dr Chae took one look at the rash I had all over my truck and said I had an allergic reaction to the glue he used.  SERIOUSLY?! I am not even allergic to poison ivy! There is nothing they can do for it…it has to run it’s course and the glue will eventually go away over time. He told me to use Benadryl around the incisions for the time being. He also pulled my drain…which was a really weird sensation. He and my nutritionist said that I was doing really well and that I just need to continue following the instructions they give me (apparently a lot of people don’t) and I would be really happy with the results!

I went back to work the next day, but only lasted about a little over half a day. Everything went pretty well until Wednesday of the next week (last week). Everything I tried to eat, either hurt or came back up. I went just under 24 hours without food or drink…I was miserable and so weak! I missed a day and a half of work again, which stressed me out, but I had to put my health first. So now we are to this week….

I have been at work all week, but on Tuesday, food and liquids weren’t settling well with me. By yesterday, I hadn’t eaten or drank anything in over 24 hours and I knew I was getting dehydrated, so I headed straight to Urgent Care after work and they hooked me up with two bags of fluid (two liters!). IMG_8277.JPG

They also did blood work to make sure everything looked ok, and it came back fine. I felt amazingly better when I left there yesterday! Today was good and I was able to eat and drink without any issues.

So, that’s where I am at. I don’t know how much weight I have lost because my scale really sucks. LOL. I do weigh myself about once a week – I am trying to get that down to ONLY once a week – but I just get excited and want to see my progress. I am taking pictures and measurements once a month…so that’s probably when I will post my weight and inches lost. I haven’t decided what I want to do with the pictures yet. Not sure any of you are ready to go blind yet! 😂😂

It’s really important to me that I am open and honest about this journey I am on. The support that I have with my friends, family, and co-workers has been humbling. If anyone has said anything negative, it hasn’t gotten back to me and I am thankful for that. I have actually been approached by a co-worker who is considering looking into the surgery as well. That right there is the reason I am blogging through this journey. If I can reach one person and help them take their life back, it’s worth laying it all out there for the world to see. I am only three weeks out and the difference in how I feel is already amazing. People have even commented on how much happier I am (most days) at work. Yesterday was a really tough day for me and it’s the first time I actually said ‘maybe I did the wrong thing’. But, I know that was circumstantial because I don’t regret my decision one bit. It’s funny that I crave water more than food now. Of course, other people’s food looks amazing…but I guess Dr Chae also installed some self control…because while it looks good, I don’t want it. I am not fucking this up. I am going to be successful, both body and mind, and I am going to do amazing things. This weight is no longer holding me back. I can already tell that my confidence is starting to come back and I am really excited about that. I still have a long road ahead of me, but I will soon be running down that road, training for a 5K. I figure I’ll just start at the beginning again! I have held myself back for too long. This chick is ready to fly!! This picture describes it so well….


I am going to hop off here for now, I just wanted to get everyone caught up. I promise I will blog much more regularly from now on – it’s just been a crazy few weeks! Please feel free to follow my blog (regardless if I know you or not). I appreciate you all so much! Thank you for being on this journey with me!

Take care of yourselves and be nice to each other. This world needs a lot more understanding, kindness, and love. Be a part of the love….not the hate.

And so it begins…

Well, tomorrow is the big day. Excited doesn’t even cover it. It felt like today was going to take forever to get here…but now I feel like I just started this journey yesterday. Several people have asked if I am nervous…I am not….not yet, anyway. The nerves may set in tomorrow, but that’s normal. Hello…I am undergoing a life changing surgery! The support that I have received is phenomenal and I am so excited for all of you to be on this journey with me. I promise, you will not be let down. There will be highs and lows, but in the end, I am going to be a healthier, happier person. There isn’t a doubt in my mind. And honestly, if there is a doubt in yours, you can pound sand because I don’t need people like that around. 😀

I am off to try to get some sleep. I am exhausted…and I feel like this concoction is going to keep me up most of the night. 😂😂IMG_8114

My surgery is tomorrow at 1330, so if you can throw any positive thoughts, prayers, vibes, or whatever else you believe in, I would appreciate it. I will update everyone as soon as I can. I love you all and am so grateful for your support. Until tomorrow……ok. maybe Thursday.

Take care of yourselves and be nice to each other. This world needs a lot more understanding, kindness, and love. Be a part of that….not the hate.