Tough Choices.


There are times in life when really tough choices have to be made. And sometimes, even when you know you are making the right choice, the pain is so tremendous that you can’t even breathe. That, my friends, is where I stand in life today. I am not going into detail as many of you already know what is going on. I am, however, going to respectfully ask that you keep your opinions on the situation to yourself during this time. You do not have to agree with anything that is going on and I respect the fact that you are entitled to your opinion. What I will not accept right now is unsolicited advice or opinions. Keep in mind that there are three sides to every story: my perception, his perception, and the way things actually happened. Rather than trying to place blame or give advice on how to fix things, please show your support instead. By showing your support, you are not agreeing with the situation, but rather being a true friend. I have learned so much over the past year- not only about myself- but also about the true meaning of friendship.  I have had people that I never, ever thought would turn their back to me do just that. Although it hurts more than I can express, I have come to peace with it. More importantly, I have had friends support me when I needed it the most and without having to ask. Anyone that knows me knows that I struggle asking for help sometimes….ok, most of the time. I haven’t even had to ask with these friends…they know me well enough to know when to take my mind off things. They have stepped up in ways that I am eternally grateful for and I know that I will never, ever be able to repay them for. I have learned that life is way too short to be anything but happy and in love with life. I have learned that it’s perfectly fine to have a bad day as long as you remember that it’s just a bad day- not a bad life. I have learned that I don’t need to be saved by anyone; I saved myself and am damn proud of that. Life is an ongoing struggle sometimes: I could be skinnier, I could be prettier, I could be smarter, I could be wealthy…but you know what I have come to realize? I am me. I will hold my head high knowing that I love this life I have been given, I am compassionate, I have a genuine heart and an old soul…and that is good enough for me.