Here We Go Again…

If there is a weight-loss gimmick on the planet that I haven’t tried, I would be amazed. I think I have tried everything short of surgery…and that’s only because I can’t afford that! Or, trust me, my ass would have hopped up on that table and told the doc to take out as much fat as his little machine could handle!! I have tried Atkins, South Beach, The Cookie Diet, Slim For Life, HCG (short lived), the grapefruit diet…heck, I have even tried starving myself!! Have you ever tried to starve a fat girl?! DANGEROUS!!! But here’s the thing…they are all gimmicks. They work while you follow them perfectly….but when you stop eating like a bird, you gain the weight back. And then some. And then some more. And then even more. And then you end up where I am. Fat and miserable. Weight Watchers has been the only exception to this rule. I love WW because they actually teach you HOW to eat instead of WHAT to eat. That is huge…HUGE!!! Soooo….

I signed up for WW again today. I have started and stopped this program so many times that I have probably broken records. Seriously…I think it’s been about ten times now. I should be getting an award from them or something. Why do I like this program so much then? Because I lose weight every time I follow it. Every single time. Why stop, you might ask? Because I am stupid and don’t have enough self esteem or faith in myself to believe that I can continue doing it. It goes like this: I go to a meeting, weigh in, and lose a few pounds. After a few weeks, I am down about 10 pounds and I am thrilled. So thrilled that I am going to reward myself with food…and not count the points. So I hit Taco Bell and pork out (minus the pork since I don’t eat meat…lol). Then I feel like crap. And that starts the downward spiral. I am sure you know the rest of the story….many of you have been there. Then I make excuses as to why I don’t want to go to the next meeting and face the music…then I just stop going. Then I am paying for something that I will start again next week, or so I tell myself, but never end up doing so. So the membership gets cancelled. Such a vicious cycle. I am stopping that cycle now. Well, Monday…that’s when I go to my first meeting.

I know this program works and I know that it is going to give me the little extra push in the right direction that I need. I will remain a vegetarian and I will also continue the concept of ‘eating clean’ (no processed food). I will do this. I have to. My life depends on it.

I am going to go enjoy my last bit of my Twix bar now. I know, I have issues. But today is Friday….not Monday. 🙂