A Girl’s Best Friend


Hello again! I know, it’s been a while; sorry. Time really does just get away from me sometimes. Always. 🤷🏻‍♀️

Anyway, life is….different. At the end of January, I was involved in a car accident that took the life of my Bronx (my 8 year old lab). No humans were seriously hurt and Bailey (my 13 year old lab) is recovering really well! Bailey did injure her back, but she is able to get around on her own and still enjoys (much shorter) strolls. She’s a trooper and has been through so much. She’s pretty amazing!

My Bronxy didn’t make it though. Losing him has been heartbreaking to say the least. He was a pain in the ass…but he was my most loyal dog. He wanted nothing more than to be by my side…no matter how uncomfortable that made him. I am pretty sure there isn’t a single person in the world that loved me more. He was amazing and I miss him so much!  And hiking this summer just isn’t going to be the same! A lot…and I mean a lot…of really amazing people reached out to me to support me through this terrible time. My team at work, my boss, and all my coworkers made sure I was taken care of. And there was a group of people – some complete strangers to me – that made sure I was able to have Bronx’s ashes returned to me. Thank you isn’t even enough – from the bottom of my heart and to each and every one of you – I am eternally grateful for you.

As if you haven’t seen them before, here’s some pics of my boy!


My two guardian angels now…


So, the car has been replaced. Life has moved on. It has to. We can dwell, feel sorry for ourselves, and make our lives miserable or we can take care of ourselves, rise up, and move on. Cars are replaceable and we know we will eventually lose our fur babies. I sure wasn’t ready to lose Bronx, but I am glad I still have Bailey around to help me through this!

Other than that, life if good! Work is busy – such is claims. 🤷🏻‍♀️ I need to plan a trip back to KC, but not really sure when that will happen. I can’t handle y’all’s summers anymore! I changed my phone number, so if you have texted me and I haven’t responded, send me a FB message or something. I am not on there often, but I will see it eventually. 😊 I will do a progress post soon – I promise. I have just been too lazy to take pics. 🤦🏻‍♀️ All is well though.

That’s it for tonight. Sorry it’s short and sweet….or maybe you prefer it this way? Here’s some pics of the one that’s going to out live us all…..



We had a nice walk for coffee last weekend. 😊

Take care of yourself and be nice to each other. This world needs a lot more understanding, kindness, and love. Be a part of the love, not the hate.